Phase Limited

History Made 30 Years Ago

Back in 1979 Home Cinema meant projecting Super 8 films of the family holiday onto a collapsible screen. Vinyl was king, reel to reel tape was the last word in audio quality for record and playback, and TV’s still came in wooden cabinets. Terms such as ‘Multi-Room’ and ‘Home Automation’ had no meaning, while I-pods, mobiles, touchscreens and the internet were little more than glimmers in the minds of the teenagers who would go on to invent them.

Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ sold 6 million copies in two weeks. Evita opened on Broadway, Elton John gave the first live performance in the USSR of any western pop star, and Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ was unleashed onto an unsuspecting (and easily offended) world. In the same year it also snowed in the Sahara, Margaret Thatcher became the first woman Prime Minister of Great Britain, Sid Vicious went on trial for murder and Johnny Rotten appeared on Juke Box Jury with Joan Collins.

Coincidentally, in a quiet street in London, Phase Limited opened for business.

When Phase began we built all our own systems, developed our own engineering methods, and constantly needed to create forward thinking electronic solutions from scratch…we even had our own joinery shop to make the custom built furniture and housings for our clients’ projects.

The vast reservoir of experience that has been gathered from literally hundreds of individually designed systems means that our bespoke solutions are unique in every sense of the word. We work hand in hand with architects, designers, developers and end users to tailor and integrate our systems to every client’s dreams and requirements. As such we can discreetly install cutting edge Home Cinema, Multi-Room Audio-Visual and Home Automation into any style of home or office, while at the same time respecting and paying specific attention to both classic and contemporary architecture.

Because of this we believe our reputation is second to none; here’s to the next 30 years. Contact us if you’d like further information!